In order to provide you with the best support possible, we request you generate a support hash. Doing so is quite easy. 

Please note, Redux is required for this.
If you have an early version, please update.

First proceed to the Redux Support tab within your Redux instance. You can get there by one of the following ways:

  • Visit the site URL directly: ~/wp-admin/tools.php?page=redux-support replacing ~ with your site URL.
  • Manually navigate by doing the following:
    1. Go to your admin panel
    2. Go to Tools -> Redux Framework
    3. Click on the Support URL

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 8.35.49 AM

Once there, click on the Generate Support Hash button, and then click on developer. Copy the unique URL that’s generated, and supply it to us in our issue tracker.

It’s that easy.

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