The Raw field provides the ability to output raw HTML directly into the options panel both full width and sectioned.

Full Width

Raw Field Full

Sectioned ( ‘full_width’ => false )

Raw Field Section


Name Type Default Description
type string ‘raw’ Value identifying the field type.
id string Unique ID identifying the field. Must be different from all other field IDs.
title string Displays title of the option.
subtitle string Subtitle display of the option, situated beneath the title.
desc string Description of the option, appearing beneath the field control.
class string Appends any number of classes to the field’s class attribute.
required array Provide the parent, comparison operator, and value which affects the field’s visibility. More info
full_width true Flag to set denote if the field is full width or sectioned.
markdown bool Flag to set the markdown of standard line-break and tab characters to HTML.
content string HTML content to display.  String values or file output may be used.
content_path string Full path to file that will be used as the content for this field.
hint array Array containing the content and optional title arguments for the hint tooltip. More info

Example Declaration

    $fields = array( 
        'id'       => 'opt-raw',
        'type'     => 'raw',
        'title'    => __('Raw output', 'redux-framework-demo'),
        'subtitle' => __('Subtitle text goes here.', 'redux-framework-demo'),
        'desc'     => __('This is the description field for additional info.', 'redux-framework-demo'),
        'content'  => file_get_contents(dirname(__FILE__) . '/myfile.txt')