The Divide field acts as a divider between other fields.

Divide Field


Name Type Default Description
type string ‘divide’ Value identifying the field type.
id string Unique ID identifying the field. Must be different from all other field IDs.
desc string Description of the option, appearing beneath the field control.
class string Appends any number of classes to the field’s class attribute.
required array Provide the parent, comparison operator, and value which affects the field’s visibility. More info

NOTE:  When using the Divide field with required, the divider cannot be hidden by default.  It’s best only to use the required argument with this field when the fold is shown by default.

Example Declaration

    $fields = array(
        'id'   =>'divider_1',
        'desc' => __('This is the description field, again good for additional info.', 'redux-framework-demo'),
        'type' => 'divide'